Kathleen Chmielewski, JD

                Kathleen graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in 2013. Since graduating, Kathleen spent time working at the local Public Defenders office before joining the Pliura Medical Law Firm over four years ago. She works diligently alongside Tom and associates focusing on Medical Malpractice Law.  


Frank Madden, JD

                Frank graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in 2013. Upon graduating, Frank spent time working at a Chicago firm as a practicing attorney before moving downstate and joining Pliura Medical Law nearly four years ago. He has worked closely with Tom and his fellow associates ever since focusing on Medical Malpractice Suits.

Scott Hendren.png

Scott Hendren-Legal Assistant

                Scott received his B.A. from Western Illinois University and a Graduate Paralegal Certificate from Roosevelt University. He is Director of Operations for both Dr. Pliura’s medical practice and healthcare facilities. Since 2002 Scott has worked alongside Dr. Pliura assisting in complex medical malpractice, health care business and administrative cases.


Pam Barnes- Legal Secretary

                Pam received her B.A. in Criminal Justice from SIU, Carbondale. Before joining Pliura Medical Law, she worked as a probation officer for over a decade in addition to her years spent as the Dewitt County Circuit Clerk. Pam handles all strategic operations at the firm, ensuring attorneys can stay diligently focused on their cases.

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